Ideal Applicants

Healthcare systems around the world are facing increasing challenges: the COVID-19 pandemic, an aging population and a consequent increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases, rising costs and opportunities resulting from rapid technological advances.

These new “dynamics” are producing a major shift in traditional models of care.

Public and private health care systems will be called upon to address new challenges, in particular:

  • the long-term sustainability of health care;
  • the effects of an aging population on the demand for health care services;
  • the need to find alternative funding for long-term care spending;

and the difficulty of ensuring equity of access, including with respect to new forms of health care delivery that rely on the use of information and communication technologies and require literacy skills that may depend on the age and socioeconomic characteristics of patients.

Because the MEMaGH balances theory and application, the program may suit public health professionals, social scientists, and candidates working in the public or private health sector graduate students interested in examining global health issues through an economic lens.

The philosophy behind MEMaGH is to contribute to the creation of professionals with a robust interdisciplinary training, a good knowledge of analytical tools and advanced methodologies necessary to address the main critical aspects of today’s health systems in both Developed and Developing Countries through cooperative projects, design, management and evaluation of international projects in public and private settings.