Enrollments and costs

Applicants must complete the admissions process described in the announcement beginning November 11, 2021 and ending January 17, 2022.
The requirements of the announcement and attachment must be met by the application deadline.

Applicants must attach during the online Master’s application process:

  1. the curriculum vitae complete with the indication of the requirements for admission and possible selection.

The student enrolled in the Master’s course must pay for the academic year 2021/2022 the sum of € 5.000,00 including: € 16,00 (stamp duty) and € 142,00 (“Secretarial expenses”).
This amount is paid in two installments:
1st installment, of € 2,500, at the time of matriculation, 2nd installment of € 2,500 by 30/06/2022.

National or international external bodies or subjects may contribute to the running of the Master’s course through contributions aimed at covering totally or partially the enrolment fee.
In this case the candidates will be selected on the basis of criteria established by the Teaching Board and published on the website of the Organizational Secretariat.

Final Examination:
In order to be admitted to the final examination, candidates must submit an application for admission and pay € 116.00  as a contribution to the issuing of the parchment (which includes two € 16 revenue stamps paid virtually: one on the parchment and the other on the application form).